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Pups Unlimited
Professional Dog Grooming

Our Professional Dog Groomers: Danyel, Cassie & Jinni
Grooming Services
Our Professional Pups Unlimited Grooming Team offers all breed dog grooming at an affordable price.

 * Basic Bath includes a brush out, cutting of nails, plucking and cleaning of ears and minor trimming, full shampoo with conditioning, blow dry and final brush.

 * Full Groom includes a brush out, cutting of nails, plucking and cleaning of ears, full shampoo with conditioning and breed specific hair cut, blow dry and final brush. 

Other Available Services:

* Shaving
* Brushing of Teeth
* Draining of Anal Glands
* Skunk Bath
* Flea Bath
* Nail Trimming
* Face Trimming


(Extra charges for large haircuts and de-matting may apply)

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Pups Unlimited
2061 County Street
South Attleboro, MA 02703